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What is the spring fasion point? It is just the white.

(by Oh Eun sun) There are several colors symbolizing the spring. Yellow reminds us of the spring flowers such as forsythia and azalea. In additon, the color green also reminds us of the spring when the sprout comes out from the soil frozen during the cold winter time.

Other than these beautiful colors, there is one more color which brightens our face and reminds us of the sunlight. It is just the color white. The color white brightens more when it is shone with the sunlight.

If you want to shine more than anybody else, you had better select the white as the spring time fashion point. Though you may choose the color white for the top which is near to your face but the white bottoms are also be sufficient to make a point.

Actress Yum Jung-ah got the second peak time in her acting career with JTBC drama “Sky Castle”. With perfect acting, not-aging beauty and her perfect fashion sense, she attracted a lot of female fans, thus becoming a wannabe star. While she considered the possible sequel to the Sky Castle, she appeared at the production announcement event of the film “Minor”.
The fashion Yum Jung-ah chose for the production announcement event is the white long shirts and silver spangled skirt. Though this fashion may be too neat and is recognized for the fashion of length and details, she chose the spangle as her bottoms, which shows Yum Jung-ah’s unique fashion sense.

EDITOR’S PICK If you think that Yum Jung-ah’s white shirts and spangle skirt are burdensome or looks a little “too much”, you had better put on the shoes and tops which are more convenient. If you wear the knit or T-shirts rather than shirts or sneakers rather than heel, you can get more casual look.

Good actress Jeon Do-yeon comes back with new film “Birthday” which would make the audiences laugh and cry one again. The film describes a story in which on the birthday of a son who passed away on Apr. 16, 2014, the people who were left behind talk to each other by remembering their memories. As this film is known to get the motif from Sewol Ferry Disaster, a lot of interests are paid to how the film will describe that actual disaster.
Jeon Do-yeon got a spotlight with the unchanging smile and beauty at the press preview for the film “Birthday”. Choosing all white suit, she matched it with the overfit jacket and wide pants. By showing the perfect fashion with the overfit look which is hard for ordinary people to make perfect, she showed her sense as a perfect fashionista.

EDITOR’S PICK The overfit suit which Jeon Do-yeon chose, is good for showing the chic and modern feel. But it may be a little burdensome for the people who are short or small in size. But if you want to try the overfit jacket, choose the overfit jacket but try the short bottoms to show your line. Then, you can complete neat overfit fashion. 

Jisook is an active member of girl group Rainbow. As a versatile entertainer, she is good at all things ranging from singer in the idol group to photography, cook, game and anything which is made by hand. Now, she is going to show off her attractiveness through the program of KBS Joy “Shopping’s interference”.

At the production announcement event for the program, Jisook showed off her vital attractiveness by putting on the off-shoulder blouse and colorful skirt which are proper for the warm weather. The off-shoulder blouse is the item which can show the feminine look and a little sexy look as it exposes the wearer’s neck and shoulder.

EDITOR’S PICK If you choose the white off-shoulder blouse as your tops, you can get the different image depending on what kinds of bottoms you choose. If you choose the feminine, refreshing and colorful skirt like Jisook and match it with the denim shorts, you can compete the casual style which can be even proper for the resort area. (photo by bnt news database, Stylenanda)

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