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Tip on the fashion styling on White Day

(by Oh Eun-sun) White Day is just around the corner. If you have a plan for date, it would be good to make you look lovely from the makeup to the fashion style.

It is just a prejudice if you think that the feminine appeal is the only way. If you select the style appropriate for you, your appeal would get doubled. The appeal of chicness through the refined one-piece or the appeal of loveliness through laced long one-piece would be good. In addition, there is a way to emphasize the cuteness with the sporty fashion of your own.

If you are not sure about the clothes, you can take a look at the fashion styling of stars. As they show you various hair styles and makeups, you can get a hint from them. Let me introduce to you good stylings.

Kang So-ra can make the beautiful and high-class look no matter what kind of clothes she wears. The seemingly high-class one-piece which she put on in the past got spotlight when its price was disclosed in public. Recently, she caught the public’s eyes with her skin tone shirts in one-piece styling. Though it was the fashion of simple feel, she showed it in the strong feminine mood. If you want to emphasize the makeup or hair style, it would be better for you to select the simple clothes. If you choose all in the strong designs, the style may look too much.

Editor’s pick_ If you don’t like the skin ton shirts in one-piece styling like Kang So-ra, you may choose the color white which has the same mood. That would add the clean and refined feel. In case of the white shirts in one-piece styling, you can get various feels depending on the makeup. The clean makeup is just right for the chic look. On the other hand, if you wear the beautiful makeup and hair style, you can even get the sexy look.

Lee Hanee attracts the eyes of men with her attractive face and sexy body. Recently in the film “Extreme Job”, she showed the attractive acts and attracted a lot of attention from the audiences. She is literally versatile in every aspect. Her makeup and fashion style get spotlight every day.

She showed the black laced one-piece at the production announcement event for the film “Extreme Job”. It was the clothes showing her sexy and self-restraint look. Using the belt as a point, she also showed her body line. The black clothes’ clear and refined feel was well harmonized with Lee Hanee’s image.

Editor’s pick_ If you want to avoid the calm-downed feel of the black one-piece, you may choose a little brighter color. The bright colored long one-piece in the lace or shirring design can appeal the feminine feel. In addition, it would be better to make a point with the waist belt or strap.

If you want to show off your fresh attractiveness, how about taking a look at the girl group’s fashion? ITZY is a new girl group having a lot of love. They have attracted the mind of a lot of people with the addictive songs.

Especially, Yuna, a member of that girl group showed the fashion having both the sexy mood and the vitality. She matched the fit T-shirts with the hot pants. Due to the warm weather, this fashion is easily found on the street. If you put on the stocking at the same time, you can keep yourself warm and take care of the leg’s skin tone at the same time.

Editor’s pick_ If you don’t like a top which is too stuck to your body, how about you showing off your attractiveness with the layered one? If you put on the off-shoulder man-to-man over the see-through blouse, you can make the unique fashion. In addition, how about wearing the hot pants to appeal the vital and sporty attractiveness?

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