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Kong Sua and Park Sora who are the representative models of Stylenanda and their forward-going styling

(by Hwang Yeon-do) As a company which started as a little online fashion mall and grew to become a global beauty and fashion company, Stylenanda is very popular not only here in Korea but also abroad. With its own sensibility of uniqueness and distinctiveness, it has a wide range of clothes and accessories and has expanded the items to include the KKXX which has the kitchy sense and or a cosmetic brand 3CD.

Its official brand account has 1.28 million followers and it operates 168 shops in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and others. Its brand is not less than the gateway for new models. The models who debuted in the brand have played the critical roles online and offline, thus becoming as popular as no less than the celebrities. Among them, Park Sora and Kong Sua prove their prestige as the brand’s representative models.

How would be the daily life of the hot and popular model of this brand? The models having a lot of fans in SNS catch the people’s eyes with their daily looks. The followings are the collection of fashion styling of Park Sora and Kong Sua who are the representative models of Stylenanda.

# Kong Sua 

According to the source of news in fashion, the representative model who was created by this brand is Kong Sua. Not only in the field of model, she showed her face as a “sweet syrup lady” in a television program “Martian Virus”. In addition, as a drama actress, she appeared in a SNS sitcom titled “Spicy Life”. Now, she acts as a brand model.

She usually like to put on the cause overfit clothes, takes advantages of various fashion items such as pastel tone fur jacket, checkered patterned cardigan and brown coat as well as the beret, thus enhancing her own cuteness. Especially, recently her look of chirping bang hair maximizes her lovely attraction.

# Park Sora

Park Sora is a star having 870,000 or more followers on her Instagram. With the exotic look and slender body, she has also a lot of overseas fans and is very popular.

She puts on the beautiful clothes which well match her own exotic mask and make her own unique mood. Recently she puts on the unique winter items such as attractive leopard fur jacket, pink ribbon coat, and leopard patterned padding to show off her trendy fashion. The fans have acclaimed her fashion with such comments such as “Very beautiful.”, “It is my favorite style” and “The model for Stylenanda look all beautiful.”

[Editor’s Pick]

Though Kong Sua and Park Sora both get a lot of popularity from the public with their distinctive fashion senses, they surely have the attractiveness which is different from each other. If you want to show off your lovely attraction like Kong Sua, why don’t you try the pastel tone clothes? In actuality, she used to put on the items which emphasizes her cuteness by adding the cuteness to the colorful clothes such as pink frill long one-piece and wide fit stripe and green knit.

On the other hand, Park Sora is a beautify and sexy model. So, if you want to look more feminine, you had better take advantages of the items such as long double coat which would put priority on the beautiful styling, the slip coat one-piece which would emphasize the line, and the refined and moody checkered patterned belt jacket. ( photo by Stylenanda, Kong Sua, Park Sora)

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