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Female solo singers Luna and Chungha who would lead in 2019 and their fashion on their way to work

(by Oh Hyung Jun) Year 2019 has dawned in. In 2018, a lot of K-pop bands such as BTS and Twice have been hot items around the world. Who would be the top K-pop band in 2018 which would enhance the prestige of K-pop?

With the start of new year, which band would lead the K-pop has been a hot item. Especially, there has been a high expectation on the female solo artist. In 2018, female solo artists such as Sunmi, Chungha and Jenny made a lot of accomplishments. As the market for the solo artist more varies a lot in their successes depending on the external factors such as the musical pieces and concepts compared to the band having multiple members, there have been a lot of interest in which artist would lead the pack in 2019.

Receiving this kind of expectation in the market, two solo artists announced their albums in Jan. 2 and Jan. 4 respectively. Let’s take a look at Luna and Chungha. Luna of group Fx is broadening her own horizon with her own music world and Chungha is a new diva succeeding the legacy of Uhm Jung-hwa and Lee Hyori. These two solo artists not only got acclaimed from both critics and the public but they also got hot spot by showing their fashion on their way to work. Let’s check out their stylings on their way to KBS “Music Bank” for last 2 weeks after their comeback.

1st week after comeback

Luna and Chungha announced their new songs titled “Already 12 o’clock (벌써 12시)” and “Even So (운다고)” on Jan. 2 and Jan. 4 respectively and showed their comeback stage on the KBS’s “Music Bank” on Jan. 4. On their way to the broadcasting station, they appeared the KBS New Hall and a lot of presses and fans came to see them.

First of all, Luna caught the people’s view as she appeared in the corduroy, which is the trend of this season. The corduroy coast in the camel color makes the viewer get the cozy feel. It makes the harmonious look with the wide fit denim pants. Another point is the bag having her own name. Even one bag made a big topic.

Chungha shows the comfortable and refined look in all black. With the mustang with bold belt details and the black pants as well as the long boots in the same color, she showed the fantastic look.

Editor’s Pick

(Left) In this season, corduroy appeared in many products such as pants, shirts, jacket, coat, bag and cap. If you want to have the unique outer like Luna, this jacket would be a good option. Though it has the jacket having the yoke seam and pintuck, it has the fill of inner such as shirts.

(Right) If you want the chic mustang of Chungha, this item is a good option. Though it is the eco leather, it well expresses the texture of the leather. As the dumble lining is added from collar to sleeve, the thermal insulation and the uniqueness have been enhanced. If the buckle is fastened up to the neck line, it can keep you warm enough that no scarf is additionally required.

Second week after comeback

Two people visited KBS performance hall on Jan. 11. They looked rested after the tiredness during the 1st week of comeback. Accordingly, their styling became bolder. Luna put on the leopard coat whose inner fur lining is naturally exposed to the outside and the fluffy fur strap matched with the impressive bag, thus completing the elegant and deluxe winter look.

Chungha put a coat having the checkered pattern on all black. Like the last week, we wore the black half neck, black skinny and boots as inners. With the cool color checkered jacket, she showed the interesting look.

Editor’s Pick

(Left) The combination of eco plus leopard is the core of mega trend in this season. The soft eco fur meets the leopard pattern which is distinct in showing its own existence, thus becoming a hot item. With a good color scheme, it avoids the monotonous but plays the trendy silhouette with the boxy fit.

(Right) If you don’t wasn’t to miss the perfect proportion of your body, this item is the recommendation. The short jacket may make you look good in proportion but it will not keep you warm enough. However, this item would keep you warm. As it is thick and the strong shape, it protects you from cold weather. As it uses the vintage check on its front, it would play a good role as a point item if you match it with the simple inner as in case of Chungha (photo by  bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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