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Still Hot in Hong Kong during September

[by Ma Chae Rim] The general temperature went down a lot compared to the hot summer. But the weather in Hong Kong during September is still like the summer. As in the hot weather, Hong Kong is always filled with vitality and passion. If you miss the outgoing summer, why don’t you go to Hong Kong? Let me introduce you the weather and fashion of Hong Kong during September and the hot places into which you can pour your passion.

# Weather in Hong Kong during September

The average low and high temperature in Hong Kong during September are 25.8℃ and 30.1℃ respectively, which are almost the same with those in Korea during September. You may feel that it is still hot compared to US or China where the average low and high temperature during September are 15℃ and 26℃, respectively. Therefore, you had better still consider it as the summer and put on the light clothes.

Hong Kong is famous for frequent rains with the average number of rainy days of about 15 days. It means that you have to walk on the wet ground for half of a month. As the average rainfall is 327.6mm, you may feel high humidity in the air. But it is also true that the hot weather and high humidity would make Hong Kong a hot and vital city which no other cities can match.

# Are you concerned about your clothes?

What are the proper clothes in Hong Kong during September whether the weather may be like the summer or not? As it often rains and it is also hot, we recommend you to make a tour to Hong Kong in simple and light clothes.  As the sunny Hong Kong is attractive, so is Hong Kong in the rainy summer days. If you want to get good photos, make sure to take a mini umbrella and a raincoat with you. You may have a photo of yourself as a character as if you were in a Hong Kong movie.

Compared to the hot weather outdoors, it is cool inside the building in Hong Kong. Considering the humid and hot weather, the complex shopping mall, cultural space or department store seems to invest a lot in cooling the building. Therefore, though there is not big difference in temperature between days and nights, the difference in temperature between outdoor and indoor would be big. So, you may get sick with the diseases from air conditioning (air conditioningitis). So, make sure to take a cardigan with you.

# Hot place filled with hot passion

(Goobne Chicken Causeway Bay Shop) Goobne Chicken, or Korea’s No. 1 brand for oven grilled chicken, does not fry the chicken in the oil but grills it in the oven. Therefore, as the chicken has less hazardous substance, you can safely enjoy it. Especially, Goobne Chicken Causeway Bay Shop is the hot place famous for its modern and refined architectural interior decoration.

Here, you can have the full night view of Hong Kong through the wide window glass so that even local residents as well as tourist like to visit here. Here, you can enjoy the warm sunlight in days and appreciate the night view of Hong Kong at nights. So, Hong Kong is the place recommended for all people, whether old or young.

The most popular menu at Goobne is Goobne Honey Currey Basasak Chicken which is famous for crispy texture and sweet taste. On top of that, the menus such as Gochubasasak Chicken, Soy Garlic Chicken and other are also very popular. You can also enjoy the special Gyeranmali, Cheese Tteokbbokki and Eomuktang as well as the various set menus and cocktails.

(Rooftop Bar SEVVA in Central) If you want to enjoy the beautiful night view of Hong Kong, you’d better visit Rooftop Bar SEVVA in Central. Though Hong Kong which always glitters and shines looks beautiful from the viewpoint of any direction, SEVVA is the perfect place if you want to enjoy more romantic mood.

After getting out of Exit K at Central Station, look at the right side. There stands Prince Building. SEVVA is located on the top floor of that building. At SEVVA, you can appreciate a lot of live performances depending on the location at the terrace or schedule and you can enjoy various cocktails or desserts. (photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bnt news DB, official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board)

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