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Late Vacay is in trend! How to enjoy Hong Kong theme park & aquatic activity?

[by Ma Chaerim] Hong Kong, where there is great neon sign and fantastic harbor view. If you want to enjoy unique view besides the previous tour site such as harbor view or city view, why don’t you visit various theme parks or outdoor swimming pool? I’m going to introduce how get more out of Hong Kong theme park and how to care your skin after aquatic activity

# HongKong_theme_park_where_to?

The most well-known theme parks of Hong Kong are Disneyland and Ocean Park. ‘Disney Land’ is a large entertainment facility that animation movie creator Walt Disney established at LA in 1955; it is considering the best theme part in the world. They are located in LA, Florida Orlando, Hawaii, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and more. It is the attraction that draws global tourists with its colorful attractions with various Disney characters, hotel with special ambiance, character food and more.

If the Disneyland has ‘character’, Ocean Park has ‘marine animal’ Hong Kong ‘Ocean Park’ is a marine animal theme park opened in 1977; it is as popular as Disneyland in Hong Kong with its unique entertainment. It is located in the southern coastline of Hong Kong Island with exhibit hall, attractions and colorful shows; the Waterfront and summit area on top of the mountain are connected with cable car and Express funicular train. But you don’t have to visit its theme parks to have memorable time in Hong Kong. You can look over the Hong Kong skyline on Star ferry or walkover the Tsim Sha Tsui beach. You will feel something special in your heart.

# Right_skincare_after_aquatic_activity

Aquatic activity after great time at the theme park is a blast. Let’s enjoy special aquatic activity at hotel’s outdoor swimming pool with great city view and harbor view. Spacious outdoor swimming pool and romantic infinity pools are located in following hotel: Four Seasons hotel Hong Kong, Crowne Plaza Causeway Bay, Kerry hotel, Intercontinental Hong Kong and Harbor Grand Kowloon.

It is good to apply water proof sun block on the body before swimming in the outdoor pool under the sunlight. It is good to choose swimming suit with sun protection function and also it is good to utilize sunglass, and hat with wide cap to protect the eyes. Most importantly, the after care is more crucial than sunblock before swimming.

If your skin is damaged from the UV rays, let’s apply cooling gel with soothing effect to calm the hot skin. Only enough rest and moisturizing can protect the exhausted skin. Also, chemical in the water used for clean water quality management can affect the body in negative way. For short period of time, it is fine; however, if you are expose to it for a longtime, it could damage skin and hair. It is our top priority to take in enough protein in order to regenerate damaged hair from swimming. Let’s eat chicken dish to replenish protein after the aquatic activity.

# HIgh_protein_speical_food_that_will_fill_your_belly

I would like to introduce high protein special food that can replenish nutrition to damaged skin and hair while filling up your empty stomach. Goobne chicken located in the Causeway Bay is the NO.1 Korean oven roasted chicken brand that provides fresh chicken with glamourous city view during the day and colorful night skyline during the night. Since it is located in the highest level among many its Hong Kong branch, its biggest strength is the perfect view alongside with clean modern interior design and pleasant meal.

Goobne Chicken’s Tsim Sha Tsui branch is considered one of the best location to enjoy the night sky view with its great beer and cocktail that pair well with chicken. The most popular dish of this place is crispy, sweet “Goobne Honey Curry Crisp Chicken’. Besides that, you can enjoy various menu such as ‘Chili Crisp Chicken’ ‘Soy garlic chicken’, Rolled Omelet, Cheese Tteokbokki, Skewered chicken, cheese kimchi fried rice, cheese Bulgogi friend rice and more.(photo by GoobNe, GoobNe Chicken, bnt news DB, Honk Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Disneyland, Official website of Ocean Park, Harbor City Instagram, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Official Website of Crown Plaza Hong Kong Causeway Bay)

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