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Korean Entertainers falling in love with Hong Kong

[by Ma Chae-Lim] Hong Kong which all world celebs fall in love with. This applies to Korean celebrities, too. What is the reason? Here, I have researched why the Korean celebrities frequent Hong Kong and what special fashions they have shown in Hong Kong. In addition, I introduce you the list of foods which would make you feel nostalgia toward Hong Kong deeper.

Why they frequent Hong Kong

If we enter the word “Hong Kong” in any Korean search engine, there is a lot of information on Hong Kong. Why do so many people love Hong Kong and frequent it like this? Hong Kong is a very attractive place where we can enjoy a lot of interesting things in a short period of time. We can also spend here for a long period of time as there are a lot of small places such as alleys and narrow paths in addition to the main landmarks in Hong Kong.

A lot of fantastic buildings, the special mood and the beautiful night view in Hong Kong cannot be matched by those in any other places in the world. So, they are attractive enough to induce the traveler from around the world. In addition, the beautiful markets and delicious food as well as the large scale shopping center which are popular among the female travelers are the representative attractive points of Hong Kong.

Unlike other tourist attractions, the fact that there are a lot of tourist attractions and downtown area concentrated at one area is also one of the attractions of Hong Kong. If you make a reservation of an accommodation at the place where there are the colorful neon signs, such as Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Causeway Bay, you may have the chance of getting a lot of memories even when you do not go far away from the downtown.

Hong Su-Ah & Hwang Bo, the fashion of Korean celebrities in Hong Kong

Actress Hong Su-Ah, who is very popular in China, have got a lot of spotlight when she arrived in Incheon International Airport for departure for Hong Kong. She showed off the chic and elegant fashion style there. On that day, Hong Su-Ah put on the black color Boeing sunglasses and loosened the long hair free, thus adding the mood of purity. In addition, she matched them with the pink tweed jump suit and had the navy PVC mini bag in one hand and a brown color Boston bag in the other hand, thus catching the eyes of the press.

Hwang Bo is known to have the special love toward Hong Kong. In the past, when she stopped to work as an entertainer, she came to Hong Kong and studied English and Chinese to have various life experiences. Though she came back to Korea and resumed her life as the entertainer afterwards, it is certain that Hong Kong is a special place for her. Hwang Bo who is known to frequent Hong Kong even nowadays, gets a lot of supports from fans due to her sensible fashion style. She made a point by matching the black color dot pattern clothes with the wine color beret and purple cross bag or matching the popular casual items such as shirts, pants and snickers with the popular item of PVC bag, thus giving the joyful fashion.

Hong Kong’s trendy food

If you look for the different trendy food which you have not enjoyed yet, take a look at this. It is just the Goobne Chicken located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Korea’s No. 1 oven fried chicken brand Goobne Chicken is designed to achieve the taste and health at the same time by grilling the chicken instead of frying it in the oil. Goobne Chicken which is loved not only in Korea but also abroad has a lot of menus such as “Goobne Honey Curry Basasak Chicken”, “Pepper Basasak Chicken”, “Soy Garlic Chicken” as well as “Basasak Chicken”, “Special Gyeran mali” and “Cheese tteokbbokki”.

Especially, the Causeway Bay store of Goobne Chicken located on high floor in a building has the broad view toward the downtown and have excellent night view that it is a very good tourist attraction. It would be good to drink the beverage and taste the chicken together with family members and friends. But, it would be better to taste various cocktails and enjoy the crunchy chicken while watching the beautiful night landscape in Hong Kong. That would be sufficient enough to give you unforgettable memory.(photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bnt news DB, official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board, Instagram of Hwang Bo)

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