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Innovative K Beauty Inspires Worldwide International Fair

[by Kim Hyo Jin] K Beauty is breaking the barrier and spreading worldwide. The expansion of K Beauty is not a temporary effect due to the idol and Korean wave craze. These days, only the tried and proven effects and the products certified by numerous awards survive the competition. And the beauty products consumers can use for a long time with trust are receiving love calls for their product value. Based on this technology, innovative beauty products will continue to attract the attention of people all over the world.

Monde Selection Grand Gold Award winner 'Meso Change Program'

The world-renowned 'Monde Selection' was founded in Belgium in 1961. Every year, it is a world-renowned international competition where health-related products, cosmetics, beverages, and alcoholic beverages compete in a variety of fields. More than 3,000 products from more than 80 countries around the world joins the exhibition, and over 70 experts will select the best products through a rigorous 4-month review.

The luxury spa care brand Max Clinic's "Meso Change Program" won the grand prize of the best merchant in the 2018 Monde Selection in cosmetics category. In addition, it was nominated as a cosmetic field nominee who impressed judges among 300 award-winning brands.

The Meso Change Program consists of a dermis collagen ampoule and a hyaluronic acid needle roller. Apply the ampoules and use the roller as a massager. The hyaluronic acid needles attached to the roller penetrates 1000 holes in the skin with only one rolling and helps the active ingredient of the ampoule to enter deep into the skin. In recognition of the practicality of the micro needle patch rollers registered in Korea for the first time, the average score of over 90 points was recorded in the main evaluations such as stability, marketing strategy and appearance formulation. 

iF Design Award winner 'Cirmage Lifting Stick'

'iF Design Award' of Germany is recognized as one of the top three design awards in the world, and it is called the ‘The Oscars of the Design Industry’. It is known as one of the most prestigious design awards, and choose winners in three categories: product, communication, and package. The evaluation of the design, material suitability, and innovation of the product are evaluated, and 20 jurors who have great influence in the design field of the world participates in the product review.

Max Clinic 'Cirmage Lifting Stick' was awarded the iF Design Award 2017, followed by the Monde Selection Award, and once again proved its excellence as a K-Beauty product.

This product uses the ‘scraping tool’ from ‘scraping massager’ as a motif, and designed to be closely adhered to the face angles with three curved surfaces that can’t be seen in ordinary cosmetics. The use of the luxurious gold metal color and twist up application was highly praised for visualizing the lifting effect of the sagging skin, and expressed the product concept of ‘Uplifting Confidence’ efficiently. The 'Cirmage Lifting Stick' uses the three side that was constructed to fit the curves of the face to lift your skin, and as you massage, the 17 concentrated peptides in the stick, collagen, and 7 high concentrations of condensed concentrated formulas help lift and firm your skin.

Max Clinic has grabbed the attention of international buyers through various world-wide exhibits as a brand of innovative and creative ideas, winning a number of world-renowned awards, and leading the popularization of skin care professional programs. As a result, they are in the process of entering Rive Gauche, the Russia's largest H&B store in June. (photo by Max Clinic)

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