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Korea is an oven-grilled chicken craze! How to enjoy it properly

[By Ma Chae Rim] Oven Roast chicken is cooked in a healthy way without frying and can be enjoyed with peace of mind. Following the well-being craze, Korea is already deeply infatuated with the oven roasted chicken. As the country borders disappear in the food, the oven roasted chicken is a new menu that goes beyond Korea and attracts attention from all over Asia.

How did these oven-roasted chicken come to life? With an introduction of Korea's No.1 Oven Roasted Chicken Brand, Goobne Chicken, we have summarized the ways to enjoy various kinds of oven roasted chicken menu.

Generally speaking, when you hear the word chicken, it automatically remind you of fried chicken. Chicken freshly fried in fresh oil stimulates the senses with crisp visuals, savory smell and crispy texture. But it is good to reduce the frequency of fried food if you think about your health. Frequent ingestion of harmful substances and Trans fats from frying food in oil, interferes with smooth metabolism depending on the body type and cause skin trouble or weight gain. 

If you want to enjoy chicken more healthily, pay attention to the 'oven-roasted chicken' which replaces the shortcomings of fried chicken and satisfies your tastes. Oven roasted chicken refers to a chicken roasted in the oven, not literally fried. The biggest advantage is that you can rest assured that you are relieved from harmful ingredients. If you have been eating only fried chicken, why don’t you try Goobne Chicken? Once you taste the crispy Goobne oven-roasted Chicken, you’ll know what you have been missing out.

#Korea’s NO.1 oven roasted chicken 'Goobne Chicken'

Goobne Chicken has been a pioneer of oven roasted chicken and it started an oven-roasted chicken craze in Korea. It is light and health chicken roasted in oven to remove harmful oils and trans fat. It is non-greasy and low in calories so you can eat it with peace of mind.

It boasts a distinctive crispy texture even though it has not been fried. It adds a unique sauce that was developed in-house, and it enriches the texture and juicy flavor of the chicken. Goobne Chicekn only uses fresh chickens and is famous for its thorough quality control in a safe and hygienic manufacturing facility.

The Goobne Chicken understands the fast-paced appetite for consumers and a trendy trend in the food industry. They serve "Volcano Chicken" and "Gochu Basasak Chicken", which are Korean favorites, and "Honey Curry Basasak Chicken", which a sweet and simple taste can be enjoyed by everyone. The Crispy ‘Basasak Chicken’, juicy ‘Goobne Original Oven Chicken’ fushion menu, ‘Cheese Tteok-bokki’ along with chicken skewers and salads are also popular. 

#How to enjoy chicken in various ways

Goobne Chicken quickly identifies the needs and trends of consumers and has long been concerned about the various methods of eating chicken. Chicken and salad, fried potatoes, vegetables, cheese, and other menus are already different from other chicken brands. In Korea, they have created new menus to satisfy customers' diverse needs, such as 'Chibap (Chicken Rice)' menu, which is a combination of chicken and rice.

Follow the Goobne Chicken’s recipe and take the chicken meat and top it on a white rice. It is the birth of a chicken dish which is not only snack but also a solid meal. In addition, you can add cheese and eggs on spicy Volcano Chicken to enjoy new taste. You can also try spicy chicken feet and savory boneless crunchy chicken with noodles or soups, or add left over chicken with salad to create delicious chicken salad.(Photo By: Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bnt news)

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