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Special Skin Tips for Actresses? An Ampoule A Day is the Solution

[by Kim Hyo-jin] A facial sheet mask a day made a big syndrome last year. However, the disadvantages of excessive nutrition and the inconvenience of daily use caused the heat to fade quickly. Following this, the era of an ampoule a day opened recently. Especially among actresses who are sensitive to skin care, one day, one ampoule is considered to be the skin care method.

Actresses who are exposed to bad circumstances for skin such as night shots or hot lighting should not only moisturize the skin with moisturizing cream but also deliver the nutrients with a high concentrated ampoule. Ampoules provide severe dry skin with nutrients and play a role in balancing the oil in the skin.

Even the actresses, who take special care for their skin condition, are on board with an ampoule a day syndrome. It is worth to try for yourself from today.
Han Hye-jin

When I was in the UK, I didn’t have time to go to the skin specialist, so I took one ampoule a day with home care." In addition, when she was preparing for her new MBC soap opera ‘Let's Look at the Sunset Holding Hands’, Synergy Effect Ampoule was her number one skincare product. It is the secret of actress Han Hye-jin’s clear skin. Instead of going to esthetic spa shops, applying Synergy Effect Ampoule keeps her skin smooth.

The 'Synergy Effect Hyaluronic Ampoule' selected by Han Hye-jin is an additionally released product due to the popularity of the existing BTX and pure C ampoule. It contains five hyaluronic acid ingredients and helps to improve wrinkles with a moisture layer.

It has been proven by the human body test for the effect of moisturizing duration for 72 hours , and it is characterized by a freshness texture due to its strong moisture and quick absorption power. In the spring and summer, a lot of oily ampoules and essences solve the dry problems of those who have concerns with the dryness within the skin.


"Confidence seems to be important. If you have a positive attitude and always smile, I think you can get prettier.” This is how Yoon-ah, who is preparing to appear on ‘Hyori’s Homestay 2’, keep her beauty. But can a positive mind replace skin care? As a result of examining this Yoon-ah's skin care know-how, we found she thoroughly manages the moisture of her skin. Yoon-ah’s secret to her moist skin care method, which was shared on a beauty program by her, was the ampoule. 

Yoon-ah is still in her 20’s and her skin requires more moisture rather than nutrition, so high-moisture elasticity ampoule is perfect for her skin. INNISFREE Jeju Lava Seawater Intensive Ampoule is a skin care product that contains the powerful moisture energy of Jeju lava seawater.

Suzy is getting more beautiful every day. The secret to her skin, that still reminds people of the first love, is the ampoule. Sensitive skin irritation is like a shortcut to aging. Our skin is still ongoing at this moment. For a dazzling skin like Suzy’s , an ampoule a day is essential.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive Serum is a 30-day skin care product that contains a high concentrated antioxidants with 98% purity and a powerful serum base. It helps calm sensitive skin irritation. For 30 days, you should apply Genifique Double Drop Ampoule softly over face and neck right after the toner. To obtain smooth skin like Suzy’s , let’s start an ampoule per day from now on. (photo by Maxclinic, Innisfree, Lancome)

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