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New year’s Fashion Trend Items & Shopping List

[by Kim Min-soo] 2017 was an eventful year. At this time when a lot of people try to pull together their tired body and mind make a new year’s plan, shopping is something not to be missed out. Department stores and outlet stores around the country have already begun the 1st sale for a new.

What items would be on the shopping list which would refresh and recharge the body and mind with a new year? If you consider something new, keep an eye on stars. It will help you complete a trendy style with a fashion sense ahead of others.

In addition, those who like fashion need to check their shopping list for a new year.

# Chayeryun, bright with pastel colors

Chayeryun who will become a mother soon with a news of pregnancy in 6 months from marriage. She, who boasted of her unchanged beauty at a fan meeting a while ago, appeared at an official occasion with a jacket of a bright paste color on.

That day, she emphasized her femininity by mix-matching a black dress with pink color wearing a short dress revealing her beautiful legs.

Editor Pick. Let’s bring life into dark and dull winter fashion. In particular, adding paste colors to mustang gives a new feeling. While a soft pink color emphasizes femininity, don’t forget that it creates a refined and stylish mood when matched with denim pants.

# Han Ji-min, a white dress is a must item 

A while ago, Han Ji-min attracted a lot of attention with a white dress highlighting innocence at the press meeting of “Two lights: Relumino’which is loved a lot with passing 1,000 views after release online. In particular, by adding a unique pattern with lace, she revealed her trendy sense.

Editor Pick. A white dress is one of items always loved by women regardless of season and trend and it highlights sometimes feminine and sometimes innocent image. If you would like to present a fashion on the edge, use silk. Adding a black & white look using black leggings will make you look more attractive.

# Choi Kang-hee, a look highlighting loveliness

Actress, Choi Kang-hee attracts attention once again amidst ‘Memories of summer night’, a JTBC 2-episode minidrama, ending with regrets. She emphasized her lovely charm with a turtleneck T-shirt of a vivid color at the recent press meeting for a new drama along with her still lovely young appearance.

In particular, she captured eyes of reporters and spectators with the combination of cuffs detail of sleeves and a skirt of check-patterns and presented the overall look in a stylish fashion.

Editor Pick. Most women tend to feel uncomfortable with vivid red or neon colors etc. It is high time to shore up the courage to challenge strong colors usually considered uncomfortable. This way, it can complete an eye-catching style in itself and show personality different from others. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)

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