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[Hair Thinning Skills CEO Jae-woo Suh] Target to ‘Shop in shop’ in downward beauty industry

[by Yeon do Hwang] Many people here and there say Korean economy is undergoing long-term recession recently. In this way, ‘self-sufficient people’ who do it by themselves are increasing maybe because of social atmosphere or their poor circumstances.

The industry mostly taken a hit is the ‘hair shop’ by increasing self culture. It is not an exaggeration to say that the ‘professionals’ are losing their job because people just do everything from self dying to perm with their skillful sense. Thus, hair shops that run by shop in shop are the trend to reduce risk.

Shop in shop. As the way the words are, it means ‘two shops in one store’ Most hair shops operate with nail shops, skin esthetics, semi-permanent make-ups in common. However, even those are also saturated and not competitive enough. Then, what are the items that can stratify costumer’s various needs in one place.

Have you heard about 10million hair loss people? As people suffering from hair loss is increasing every year, a hair loss industry shows the fastest growth. They are ‘hot trend’ item and even the cosmetics industry releases hair cover items over wigs and hair transplant.

The beauty industry is same here. As people who understand the market trend could easily catch and if change a little way of thinking, shop in shop is really a hot item. ‘Hair thinning skill’ is a hot item indeed for people finding new paradigms in this downward beauty industry. Hair thinning skills are quite interesting area for designers who are working for a hair shop. It is treating and analyzing hair works and hair professionals can quickly and easily learn as well as common people. Especially, the brand KOMORICH hair thinning skills which is developed by study for about 30 years is good as they can get dying, perm, and iron after the procedure and can create more rich styling.

Just by learning thinning skills of tying a micro knot of fake hair to original hair, it can be said that it is the low cost high efficiency hottest item because it can be simply applied in the field. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Taking effect of thinning skills is qualifiable when you understand common sense of hair loss and scalp and head shape analytical skills. 

Hair thinning skills are not popular yet and also pretty new so there are many unsatisfactory education centers. KOMORICH education center has many students who learn again here after discontented education. If you will launch new business or if you are preparing to run shop in shop by learning hair thinning skills, you have to carefully check if they have their own product quality, and if they can educate not only theory and practical but also mind set.

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“Shin Sekyung Has A New HaircutPremiere" Press Conference 171205

Write: 2017-12-14 15:55:25 / Update: 2017-12-21 15:43:09

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