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Sechs Kies Surprise Teaser Release of ‘Special’…D-1 Till Comeback

[by Ent Team] Sechs Kies is ‘Special’.

On September 20th, YG Entertainment suddenly released the MV teaser for Sechs Kies' new song ‘Special’ a day ahead of their comeback through the official blog.

In the released clip, Sechs Kies boasts of classy and good looks with their clean look with knitwear, button-up shirts, suits, etc. Although the members’ expressions were soft their acting was memorable. Also, the revealed lyric from the melody ‘you and I are special’ is raising curiosity about the song.

‘Special’ is a song about one’s lover. Especially as it was conveyed that the song is a new attempt for a different color from Sechs Kies’ usual color, there is explosive interest in the song.

The MV directed by GDW is to convey the habits of men and women that they continue to do even if they fall. Especially as the set is mirrored, the unique angles at which is filmed at will present the piece in a more refined manner.

Sechs Kies showed their confidence, “We put our all every time we filmed. Especially in the filming of the MV of ‘Special’ the mood was really good so we filmed it while having fun. You can feel the expertise in it.”

Meanwhile, Sechs Kies will be releasing their 5th full length album of 9 tracks on the 21st at 6pm. An hour ahead of the release, they will be communicating with fans and introducing the album through V Live at 5pm. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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