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[bnt pictorial] Hyunwoo “The celebrities I’m close with are Lee Dong Gun and Choi Tae Joon, I can’t drink alcohol so we chat while drinking coffee”

[by Hwang Yeon Do] Actor Hyunwoo who is set to play a leading role in upcoming October SBS drama ‘Bravo My Life’ had a pictorial shoot with bnt.

There were 3 concepts for the pictorial shoot. He gave off a masculine mood in his casual black clothes and also showed a stylish atmosphere with the rooftop background. In the last shoot he was chic as he matched a casual suit with wet hair.

In the interview after the shoot, he spoke with his clean and fragile voice. We asked him the reason behind his cameo as Sooyoung’s matchmaking partner in JTBC’s ‘A Person You Could Know’. He showed his close relationship with the filming team, “My relationship with the staff is like family so I willingly did the cameo in order to be loyal.”

He who received a hot response through his enthusiastic performance as his role of Kang Taeyang on KBS2 drama ‘The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop’ that ended in February expressed his gratitude to fans. “After I appeared in the drama, many senior citizens recognized me. They treated me like their son.” He also expressed his true feelings about his selection as the leading role for ‘Bravo My Life’, “I have a big burden to show a better image.”

Also, he acted out a sweet romance with Lee Seyoung on ‘Wolgyesu’ to which they were called the ‘achoo couple’, we asked him if it was possible to become a real couple. He adamantly answered, “Not at all. I don’t want to hurt Seyoung-ssi with pointless rumors.”

Hyun Woo showed his sketch acting in May when he appeared on tvN ‘Snl Korea 9’ as the main host. When we asked him if he felt any pressure in doing ugly acting, he showed his unaffected side. “I didn’t have any pressure. I’m not really someone who cares much about his image.” Also, he almost appeared on MBC ‘We Got Married’ but was looked over a few days before. He expressed his feelings, “I don’t have much ambition towards variety, I wasn’t that disappointed.”

Hyun Woo suddenly appeared on Sung Hoon’s part of MBC ‘I Live Alone’. “The filming team suddenly came in so I was hiding but the manager called me so came out by chance.”

We asked him about the secrets to his baby face as he is called Korea’s representative ‘puppy man’ actor. He replied as he bragged about his family’s superiority, “It’s my genes. My parents are really baby-faced so they look 10 years younger than they actually are.” However, he also expressed his difficulties from having a baby face. “I had a lot of roles that were younger than my actual age so it was hard for me to convey emotions. But now I think of it as an advantage.”

When we asked him who goes through life as an ‘upright guy’ about his dating experience, “I do in my spare time,” he answered so unaffectedly, showing a reversal charm. We conveyed that his ideal type as “A thoughtful person who has long hair.” And he also replied about marriage, “I haven’t concretely thought about it yet. When the time comes it’ll happen.”

The sole thing that sticks out on his career is the fact that he used to be part of the group 24/7. He disclosed the story, “It was a group formed with Lee Jang Woo and No Min Woo in order to promote the OST of a drama. It’s better to call it a project group and we won’t gather again.”

We asked him the reason behind leaving out his surname as his stage name. He gave a mischievous smile as he replied, “There are a lot of celebrities with the name Hyun Woo so I thought it would be better that way. When search terms related to the other Hyun Woo’s are climbing up, I also benefit from it.”

Hyun Woo is reaching 10 years in no time. He who continuously worked on projects that whole time relayed and shocked the interviewer, “After I started by acting lifestyle the longest break I had was 3 weeks.” About slumps, he confessed, “Every time I start a work I hav a slump. The more important the role the bigger my worry is.”

He mentioned that the role he wants to challenge is, “Acting as a psychopath. I have the ambition to play a role like that of Ha Jung Woo senior in ‘The Chaser’.” He chose his role models and Ha Jung Woo and Ryu Seung Bum, “They are a different style from me so there are many points that I model myself after.” He also answered that the celebrities he is close with as Lee Dong Gun and Choi Tae Joon as he smiled, “I can’t drink alcohol so whenever we meet we drink coffee while asking how each other is doing and chat.”

We asked him what his goal is. “I want to become an actor that is remembered for a long time.” We look forward to more light shining from the traces of his continuous hard.

Editor: Hwang Yeon Do
Photo: Kim Tae Yang
Video Filming, Editing: Jo Hyung Geun, Kim Si Yeong
Clothing: Nouvmaree
Shoes: Superga
Watch: Ingersoll
Hair: Lulu Director Ju Myung Seon
Makeup: Lulu Designer Ji Ah
Location: Sangsaengjang

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