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[bnt’s pick] Model Kim Seunghwan, Extraordinariness Walking Through his Ordinary Teens

[by Im Hyun Joo / photo by bnt photographer Song Da Yeon] It’s been a long time.

In the world of the 20s and 30s where one matches the mold of society it’s been quite a while since we saw the image of a teen’s purity. This because the simple words of “Thanks for your cooperation” felt even heavier.

Rookie model Kim Seunghwan that has a masculine mask at his height of 184cm changed the dreary atmosphere the second he arrived with his characteristic shy smile.

Q.  You are a 19 year old model. You’ve gotten a hold of this job quite quickly.

I had a lot of interest in fashion. I really liked to dress up. (laughs) So I naturally grew an interest in fashion. At first I just vaguely (thought) ‘Ah, I want to be a model’. Then in my 3rd year of middle school I looked into it concretely, went to an academy, learned everything step by step and now I’m doing an interview. (laughs)

Q. You became famous as ‘boyfriend .gif Kim Seunghwan’.

I’m embarrassed. (laughs) I just uploaded the pictures I liked from a shoot but I saw responses like ‘You’re a ‘boyfriend .gif’. You look like Park Bo Gum’… I can never compare to Park Bo Gum. He’s a celestial being I’m just dirt. (laughs) When I hear those words it feels strange. It feels interesting. I want to become like that someday.

Q. You’re in the beginning stages but it’s a good start as you already have a fan café. What do you think fans like about you?

Um…my personality? Of course they like my fane and height too. (laughs) I like to move so much to the point that my friends ask if I have ADHD. When I go to sing karaoke I dance. (laughs) I think they like my animated images.  

Q. What do you think are your own charms?

When I’m smiling. I often hear that I’m cute when I smile. The fans say ‘I’m struck by his dimples. I want to touch his dimples once.’ To be honest there were a few people who have touched my dimples before. (laughs)

Q. What type of clothing style do you like?

Minimalism style. I like the style that has a single point that is simple and neat. I also like styles that match everything. It seems like I look for simple yet casual styles.

Q. Models cannot stay in the field for a long time so they put in the most effort in other areas such as acting or variety. Are you also ambitious in going into other field besides modeling?

Firstly I need to diligently do the work I have now. After I grow to a certain extent as a model I want to try acting as well. To be honest right now I am currently attending an acting academy as I do my modeling work. As I will soon enter into university I want to learn so that I can major in the acting department. Becoming a cool actor is my second dream. (laughs)

Q. Is there a senior you want to work with?

When I first started modeling I saw Soo Joo senior and thought that her charismatic masks and poses were really cool. I don’t know if there will be a day where we can work together but…I definitely want to work together. (laughs) In terms of acting there’s the Japanese model and actor Kentaro Sakaguchi. He’s got good looks and he’s a great actor so he is a person I want to resemble.

Q. We’re curious about your hobbies. 

I like bowling. I like to play with my friends and I also like to be alone. Recently I went to Everland with my modeling hyeongs and nunas.

Q. What’s your ideal type?

I like a cat type. A haughty and chic image like a chic modern woman. A person who is haughty but has cute charms and only shows warmth to me. I think it’ll be good if they are tall too. Is there a woman like this in the world? (laughs)

Q. Do you have a role model?

In the case of models, there is An Seung Joon hyeong who is from the same company as me. The first show I had was in my freshman year in high school. I didn’t know anyone but (An) Seung Joon hyeong took good care of me. He is a person with a really good personality.

Q. What’s your ultimate goal?

It’d be great to become the top of the field that I can work in. But I don’t want to become a top model. If I do become one I just hope to (reach) the day where I have skill where I’m not embarrassed. Thus I’m working hard. I hope many people will keep an eye out for me. My other dream is to give a house to my parents. Fighting for all of us to become great people!

Kim Seung Hwan who was full of bright and active energy while talking. As the interview ended we were buried in the recent interest in him.

“I hope I can grow 2cm more. I’m worried about university and what to do as I grow older and if I’m doing well in this interview or not. My personality is type A. I worry a lot about the insignificant things.”

Kim Seung Hwan’s voice was mixed with worries different from the positive image he had shown up to this point. But the reporter knows. The worries and concerns are more sturdy and stable to model Kim Seung Hwan than walking on the runway. We anticipating model Kim Seung Hwan’s future as he explores development on the flashy show.

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