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[bnt pictorial] Seven O’Clock “We want to give happiness at the beginning and the end of the day to everyone”

[by Chae Joo Eun] As a high point of interest, boy group Seven O’Clock has sweeping popularity as they have already had an overseas concert after 3 months of debuting. They had their first pictorial with bnt.

The group had 2 concepts for the pictorial in which the boasted of their individual charms. The first concept was a suit look that gave off a chic mood while they captured attention with the second concept where they showed off their individual charms through various poses and expressions.

After the pictorial shoot they talked cleanly, honestly, and passionately like a rookie in the interview. They raised anticipation for their 2nd album as they mentioned that in order to raise their skills they are in the midst of diligently practicing and in the next album they can show their individual charms.

They explained their name, “We want to give happiness to the people who start their day at 7am and end it at 7pm.” Also, they post on their official SNS every day at 7 to communicate with fans.

They debuted in March but within 3 months the participated in an overseas Bhutan concert and are popular overseas in areas such as the USA, the UK, Philippines, Australia, and Japan. In the Philippines they are called ‘super rookies’. When asked about the good response and interest they are receiving overseas, the talked about their will to succeed as they work hard, “We need it to be like that in Korea as well.” A-Day relayed his feelings, “All the responses make me feel like we’ve become a top star.” The members expressed their gratitude for the love and interest they have received overseas.

We asked about the strong points of the group. “The members have individuality and different sounds which makes it possible to express more musically.” They showed their confidence, “We definitely will do well.” When asked about what area they want to challenge, ‘Hyun’ showed his ambition to appear on variety programs, “I want to appear on Radio Star and hear Kim Gura’s biting remarks.”

When we asked the reason they dreamed of becoming singers after they have spent 1 year as trainees together, Hyun replied, “I watched 2NE1 seniors and dreamed of becoming a singer.” Vaan added on, “I thought a singer is the job that fitted me the most so I challenged it.”

They expressed gratitude when we asked about Kim Seul Gi who they did the ‘School Me’ campaign song ‘Shining Star’ with. “The song was done well and we matched well so it was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it. When we gave suggestions she readily accepted so we’re grateful.”

A-Day who composed Seven O’Clock’s ‘Time Machine’ expressed his ambition towards music composition, “I want to learn more about composition.” Taeyoung added his own ambitions, “My dream is to stand on stage with a song that I made.”

When asked which music they want to work together with, Vaan replied that it was Beenzino. “He is a person who makes artistic music. His raps are easy to listen to. I definitely want to work together.” Young Hoon showed his old fan heart. “I’ve been a fan of Taeyeon’s for a long time. When she was a CF model in the past, I even collected the labels.”

When asked about their role model, Jeong Gyu answered, “I’m a singer but I like Yoo Jae Suk senior. I want Seven O’Clock to have a long run like Yoo Jae Suk.” Young Hoon also said, “BTS’s Jimin senior is a guy that even when guys look at him, they want to resemble him.”

The members talked about their personalities as well. Young Hoon showed his special friend ship, “Jeong Gyu is the type to take care of others first. Even if others find it annoying he will do the work first and sometimes when I say negative things he is a friend that comforts me.”

The members talked about their ideal types. Taeyoung said, “I like pink so a girl who wears pink looks even prettier to me.” Vaan replied, “I like people that are unique and have personality.”

At the end Seven O’Clock displayed their affection for fans and their will, “Please remember us well. We will definitely succeed so we hope there will be another chance to have an interview. We always love you and are grateful.”

Editor: Chae Joo Eun
Photo: Park Jung Seok
Stylist: Kim Ye Ee
Hair: Beaute101 Assistant Director Ji Seo Hyun
Makeup: Beaute101 Chief Seo Wool 메이크업: 보떼101 서울 실장

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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