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[bnt pictorial] Kim Sanghyuk “The Click B Members are Still Close, We Meet Each Other Often”

[by Huh Jemma] Out of these recent 10 years I am the most happy right now. If it was even 3 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine going on TV. It would be a lie to say I didn’t miss the popularity and love I had in the past but I don’t wish for anything more than peacefully communicating with the public like I am now.”

Kim Sang Hyuk that we haven’t seen in a long time showed the image of his heyday. In order to shoot this pictorial with bnt he did a thorough diet and exercise, losing 12kg in 6 weeks as he showed off poses no different from a model. He led the shoot professionally.  

He who had a hard time to show his face after the drunk-driving controversy 10 years has now become the owner of the restaurants, and instead of worrying about the public forgetting him he quietly took care of his position and slowly showed his face, spreading out his resume on TV.

When we asked if he missed his past popularity and love when he saw idols on TV he was honest, “I always miss it. But I don’t regret the present. I’m really thankful that I can do a little bit of broadcast now like this. Even if it was 3 years ago I couldn’t even imagine this situation. I am happy and enjoying the present where I can occasionally do broadcast work like this while running my business.”

When we asked him about his feelings during the drunk-driving incident, he confessed about the hard time he head, “Back then I didn’t have a solution. No matter what I did, it only had the opposite effect, (so) I just quietly breathed.” After the controversy, words are a parody of the present compared to 10 years ago “I still drank (alcohol) but I don’t drink and drive.” About the paradoxical words, “At first I thought I can’t just stop. Now I often think that it would be good if I forgot. But rather than forgetting those words and them becoming faint, I thought about what I want to become. Those words were about to become my existence,” he smiled.

Recently he has had a turning point in his life after being idle for a while as he has singularly managed his body and showed an excellent body that is better than the one he had in his heyday, shocking the staff. He disclosed, “In order to turn a new leaf I didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol for 6 weeks and managed my body. Runinng the shop, there are many substitutions so looking at the results there is a result to bearing it out. Before body management I was 75 kg and now I am at 63 kg. My body fat is less than 17%,” shocking everyone.

When we asked him about secrets to managing his body he answered, “I paid a lot of attention to the diet so while I only ate chicken breast, sweet potato, and vegetables for 6 weeks I exercised for 2 hours a day. I don’t have any special secrets but I relied on and followed Kim Chang Hyun coach who led me every time I felt like giving up.” Then he said, “If you are a person who wants to lose weight in a short amount of time or make a nice body in a short amount of time you can always ask me on Instagram. I will help you based on my own experience.”

When asked if it was possible for Click B to start activities again, he showed their unchanging affection for each other, “If there’s a chance we will do it. The members are all in a good relationship with each other. We meet each other often.”

Meanwhile he is currently managing raw beef restaurant, ‘Oshikyaju Raw Beef’ and craft beer and pizza shop, ‘Bar O Bap’ in Yeoeuido where he gives free service whenever fans visit, he mentioned his affectionate love for his fans, “Fans are people that stars have enjoyable past memories with, thus when they come I want to take care of them.” He disclosed that he has the goal of becoming ‘Baek Jong Won of Yeoeuido’. He revealed his strong ambitions, “If Nonhyun-dong has ‘Baek Jong Won street’ I have the dream of making ‘Kim Sang Hyuk street’ in Yeoeuido.”

He who is known to be close with Din Din revealed that his first impression of Din Din wasn’t good. “When I saw his image on TV I thought that he was a bad person and didn’t seem loyal. But after becoming close I thought he’s a pretty good friend. We both like soccer so I paid for the game fee, played games together and became closer,” he said as he showed their friendship.

We asked him the reason why he doesn’t like wearing underwear normally. He revealed his unique habits, “In the past I lived at my friend’s house for 2 months but it was a pain to wash and dry underwear every time at the time so I just wore shorts and it was more comfortable and refreshing than I expected. There’s the fact that it’s inconvenient but it’s also become a habit. Even so when it’s winter because it’s cold, I only slightly wear it during the winter.”

We asked if he was currently dating, “Last year I was dating someone but right now I’m single. When I have a girlfriend I listen well.” He answered with a smile. We asked him about his ideal type, he replied with a restaurant owner-like response for an ideal type, “I like a girl who can eat well. Girls who pick at their food aren’t much.”

Editor: Huh Jemma
Photo: Chakay
Top: Trunk Project
Pants: Zero Lounge
Shoes: Puma
Hair: En Cloe Chief Heerin
Makeup: En Cloe Director Jo Won Kyung

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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