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[bnt pictorial] Go Eunah, “Mir is gross now, my ‘younger brother has become an adult’”

[by Kim Min Soo] We reveal the fashion pictorial full of various charms of actress Go Eun Ah who has been catching attention with her voluptuous body on the recent SBS variety program ‘I’m Sorry But I Don’t Love You-Male Friend, Female Friend (Hereafter: Male Friend, Female Friend)

Go Eun Ah’s fashion pictorial with bnt had 3 concepts. The one piece was alluring but gave off a feminine feel and the black dress presented a dizzying and chic mood.

The last concept that focused on her sexy legs matched a navy color patterned top with denim shorts, giving off her characteristic sexy charm. After the pictorial shoot ended, during the interview she caught attention with her easygoing and merry personality that is different from her strong image.

When we asked her about the recently ended popular variety program ‘Male Friend, Female Friend’, she disclosed her intent to appear in more variety programs in the future, “To be honest I don’t appear in variety programs very often so I was scared before I went. I became really self-conscious about whether or not I could do well so I shrunk back and was scared. However because of this program I was able to get rid of some (?) of my fear. (laughs)”

When asked about her feelings when she was casted for ‘Male Friend, Female Friend’, she didn’t hid her embarrassment, “It’s a program where you travel with your friends but I heard that I would be doing the show with Jung Joon Young. Without repulsion, I decided on appearing right away. It was my first time appearing on broadcast with Joon Young and my mom found it interesting as well.”

About the response from those around her, “The image I showed on the variety show is the image I only show to my friends. What’s worse is that even showed my bare face. (laughs) Haha. Thus my friends asked what I was going to do so I was quite worried. But the viewers thought it was novel and said a lot of nice things. I was really thankful”, she expressed her grateful heart to viewers.

She who has more ‘male friends’ than ‘female friends’. Many people were curious about her relationship with singer Jung Joon Young, “As people of the opposite sex I don’t even have 1% of feelings. We’ve known each other for 10 years but nothing has happened and we’ve been friends since the beginning. We have a cool relationship (laughs) We’re just 100% friends.” She emphasized her friendship with him once again.

When we joked about what she would do if Jung Joon Young ever confessed as a man to her, she replied, “Joon Young has never thought of confessing but if he ever did I would really hate it. I would be really mad.”

She was a bit embarrassed through the variety with Jung Joon Young, “If an opportunity like this ever comes again I will do thorough preparations. I forgot that Joon Young is a friend that goes on TV (a lot). Because I have known him so long I was that comfortable. Next time if an opportunity comes, I will prepare for the responses I receive and what I should do.” As she presented her will, she relayed, “I have a candid relationship with Joon Young. We continuously contact each other.”

When we asked her how actor Lee Jae Yoon was as a man who also appeared on ‘Male Friend, Female Friend’, she complimented him saying, “When he sees that there is a woman he is reliable and takes care of them. He is a good oppa as a man.”

When we asked her about her title as the 2nd Kim Hye Soo because of her voluptuous body, she showed her confidence in her body, “I’m thankful but also sorry. (laughs) Even when I hear these words it becomes that way. Thus honestly I think I shouldn’t put my self-esteem in my body.”

She who usually discloses a lot of physical affection revealed the reason for her physical affection, “When I was little I was independent by myself so I always missed my family. My school friends were gone too so I wanted to express to the people around me a little more and that’s how my physical affection became stronger. I show a lot of physical affection to my staff, female friends, male friends, and especially to my family. The good things, the things I’m thankful for and things I’m sorry for I all express with my body. I think I lack a lot of affection. (laughs)”

When we asked about her younger brother Mir who is in the middle of serving his military duties she relayed, “Now that he’s older it feels gross. Back then he was in his 20s and I thought I was still young so I showed my affections without limits but now I’m 30 and now my brother looks like a man.” She also mentioned the importance of work, “When I turned 30, I was depressed. Before then I use to think I wanted to meet a nice man, get married, and live a stable life together but now the thoughts of marriage have died down. I think I just want to work diligently and enjoy life.”

About her movie, ‘Beastie Girls’ she said, “The response was good. We couldn’t secure a spot in the movie theater so the audience number wasn’t high but when it was released in July, the online download ranking was #1. Thus they are planning on making ‘Beastie Girls 2’.” Lastly when we asked her about a role she wanted to play she showed her truthful image, “I want to do a sassy role. It matches my personality completely.”

Editor: Kim Min Soo
Photo: Kim Yeon Joong
Video Filming, Editing: Jo Hyung Geun
Clothing: Uniqhe
Hair: joy187 Assistant Director Soo Kyeong
Makeup: joy187 Assistant Director Kyeong Hwa

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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