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[bnt pictorial] IZ “We’ve never fought, we only slightly disagreed when we assembled”

[by Ma Chae Rim] Rookie high-teen band IZ’s fashion pictorial is revealed.

IZ’s fashion pictorial through bnt had 2 concepts. The school look that was full of a high teen band feeling, they showed various charms through the casual look in which there was sticker filtering done with the famous camera application ‘SNOW’ that was used as a motif.

IZ explained the meaning of their group name after the pictorial shoot during the interview, “The roman numeral for 1 is I and the end of the alphabet is Z. It means that IZ wants to open the public’s hearts with our own color from beginning to end.”

IZ that is showing their debut stage as of late. They are a rookie band that just debuted but they have the skill of already performing over 100 times at schools. This group that has accumulated stage experience through countless high schools around the country are well-rounded with their debut, as they also performed various cover songs.

IZ that performed BTS’ ‘I Need You’ with a band sound and IU’s ‘Through the Night’. Leader Jihoo showed his responsibility as a leader, “Regardless of how many times we stand on stage we always are nervous.”

We also heard their thoughts about their growing stage experience and fans. Woosoo relayed his gratitude, “We’ve busked in Seoul Myeongdong, Daehak-ro, Daejeon, Daegu, etc., but whenever fans scream for us, I feel the reality of our popularity.”

IZ who trained together and lived together for 2 years, showed their closeness as they went through the same pains and happiness together. IZ showed their affection, “We went through everything together with our team leader. In our album ‘Thanks To’ section we wrote ‘IZ’s Dad’, to relay our gratitude to our team leader.”

What is male teen dormitory life like? The four males of IZ said that it’s fun and noisy. Woosoo states, “There’s no one to nag us so it’s good that we can rest comfortably.” While Junyoung expressed the regrettable point that it was hard to eat ‘homecooking’ and that they often ate out.

IZ that had no conflict besides different opinions during the assembling of the band. When we asked about moments they particularly had unity they answered, “When we are choosing the menu. We all can’t make decisions.”

We asked what was the reason behind their dreams of becoming a singer. Jihoo was the vocalist in his club in his sophomore year in high school and dreamed of being a singer while Woosoo who liked musicals was casted while watching a musical performance. Junyoung always liked playing instruments since he was young and wanted to join a band while Hyun Jun became fascinated with guitarist An Jung Hoon’s guitar playing and learned how to play electric guitar.

IZ that is under the same company as Hong Jinyoung. When we asked if they were close with Hong Jinyoung they said that they often met with him and received a lot of advice. “In (Hong Jinyoung) senior’s case, he gave us a lot of advice on appearing on variety programs. He said we are rookies but not too be intimidated by the atmosphere. He also said that it was important to clearly appeal with our charm as a high-teen band.”

We also heard about the activities they wanted to do aside from being a singer. Jihoo answered that he had a lot of interest in radio programs and would want to become a DJ in the far future. Woosoo who likes bugs and adventures said that he would like to appear on ‘Laws of the Jungle’ and showed his determination to eat bugs as he made everyone laugh.

Junyoung who is charge of gourmet in the group hopes to appear on a ‘eating show’ program saying, “I want the opportunity to try out various foods.” Hyun Joon caught attention as he relayed, “I will focus on the bands activities as we just started out but in the far future if there is an opportunity, I want to try acting.”

IZ that has no intention of dating and only thinks of music and the band. Especially ‘single-since-birth’ Woosoo’s innocent image catches attention, “I still prefer to play with my friends.”

Lastly, IZ is gradually trying to find their own color and the band they want to resemble is YB. When recalling the time they met them at a festival, “In the festival video, they said, ‘Hello, we are YB!’ but it was really cool. After our performance ended, the audience ran with all their might and enjoyed seniors’ performance.”

Editor: Ma Chaerim
Photo: Hong Doyeon
Stylist: Kim Bona
Hair: Ggumin Designer Ri Ae
Makeup: Ggumin Director Sung Mihyun

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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Write: 2017-09-11 14:28:03 / Update: 2017-09-15 14:59:08

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