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Try Trendy Makeup Matching Fall Season

[by Lee Hyejung] It is fall with cold wind in the morning and the evening. While you are busy organizing your summer clothes and preparing fall clothes, you also need to prepare for makeup for the fall season.

In summer, neat makeup with the least colors was in fashion because of the hot weather, but, fall Is a season when you can feel the fun of makeup with various colors in fashion such as brown and khaki.

If you want to do trendy fall makeup, read this article carefully. Here’s how to meet the fall season with perfect makeup from basic makeup to color makeup.

STEP 1. Firm Base

You must not ignore the importance of skin care even for trendy makeup. First, after washing your face, take a lot of skin toner on a cotton ball, and wipe your face out to remove dead skin cells. After that, perform your normal skin care routine, with only more moisture cream. IN dry season, it is important to use more moisture cream than usual and to provide much moisture and nutrition to your skin. 

You need to provide sufficient moisture to your skin in the step of skin care for perfect base makeup and color makeup.

STEP 2. Perfect Base Makeup

Since fall makeup uses various colors, you need to cover your blemishes perfectly in the step of base makeup. If you fail to do so, your makeup may look dirty.

In dry season, you had better do moist, transparent base makeup. Rather than select a matte foundation, pick a moist foundation and cover the flaws on your skin with a concealer.

STEP 3. Elegant Point Makeup

If you want to create an elegant feeling for the fall season, focus on contouring. Contouring is a makeup to emphasize your facial contour, which can make your features look clear with graceful feeling.

Touch from your cheekbones toward your cheeks with a shading item. Shading applied you’re your cheekbones to your cheeks makes your face look smaller, stressing your slim face line and making a feminine image. 

If you apply a nude-tone or dry rosy-colored lipstick on a makeup with a point of shading, you can complete an elegant fall makeup. 


01 Hansaeng  Cosmetics Rin Bi-gyeol Soo Cream A cream made by combining six-year-old fermented ginseng extracts, oriental medicinal flower complex danhwayeon, and patented oriental medicinal substances. It is effective for immediately nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

02 NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer It is a concealer that presents your skin tone to be uniform by covering your skin completely.

03 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural It is shading powder whose luxurious gloss and pearl present natural skin tone.

04 YVES SAINT LAURENT ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE It is a glossy lipstick with creamy texture. (photo by: Hansaeng Cosmetics Rin, NARS, MAC, YVES SAINT LAURENT, bntnews DB)

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