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“Want to Look Younger?” Tips for Reducing Your Wrinkles

[by Lee Hyejung] Wrinkles are like growth rings of trees that anyone wants to avoid but can’t avoid, since once made, wrinkles area not easily removed.

Then, can’t you reduce any wrinkles already made? You can’t completely remove them, but you can make elastic skin by reducing them through steady skincare.

The key point in reducing wrinkles is to do skin care steadily. If you want to have elastic, young-looking skin, read this article carefully. Here’s how to reduce your worry over wrinkles on your skin.

PART 1. Prevent Wrinkles with Elasticity Care Products

You select moisturizers if your skin lack moisture. Likewise, if you lack skin elasticity, you need products exclusively for elasticity care.

Pick a cream for elasticity for the skin around your eyes, which is sensitive and thin and forms wrinkles easily. After washing your face in the evening, take a small quantity of eye cream, and gently massage your skin around your eyes by using your ring fingers. Massage it using circular motions, and you can prevent wrinkles from forming in advance.

It is also good to take care of your chin line, which easily sags, by using an exclusive cream for skin elasticity. Don’t forget to apply the cream on your face at the step of your basic skin care, rub your hands to make frictional heat, and press your hands with your hands. It is effective for the cream to be absorbed faster.

PART 2. Reduce Wrinkles with Daily Massage

If you already use a product for elasticity care with no effects of reducing wrinkles, there is a way to reduce your wrinkles more effectively.

That is ‘massage.’ Massage your face with a massage cream every day or at least twice or three times a week. Pick a mild massage cream containing good substances for your skin such as vegetables, apply it on your face, and massage your face. Then, you can enjoy both the effects of the massage and moist skin of yours.

Neck wrinkles are also a worry of many women. Neck wrinkles are deeper and thicker and cannot be easily reduced. Massage your neck by pushing the neck skin from bottom to top by using a neck cream before wrinkles form on your neck. 

PART 3. Prevent Wrinkles with Proper Sleeping Posture

We sleep for at least six hours a day. While we are sleeping, the postures we take unconsciously may cause wrinkles.

If you sleep on your stomach, make habits to sleep by lying flat on your back. If you sleep on your stomach for a long time, you may get deep wrinkles around your eyes.

As well, avoid using a high pillow. When you use it, your head is lowered, making a deep horizontal line on your neck, which can become a deep wrinkle if left. If you want to prevent wrinkles in advance, you need to take care of your posture during day and night.


01 SK-II Wrinkle Specialist The eye cream containing highly enriched anti-aging substances effective reduces the wrinkles on your skin.

02 ORIGINS Plantscription Power Anti-aging Cream An anti-aging cream that effective reduces your major worries over skin aging. It reduces fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles, lifting your skin.

03 Lamy Cosmetics LAFINE VEGETABLE Firming Massage Cream It contains extracts of five sorts of vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, water parsley, tomatoes, and parsley, which make your skin elastic and moist.

04 la prairie Anti-aging Neck Cream A neck cream for preventing neck wrinkles in advance and reducing those wrinkles already made. It is softly applied with a texture feeling like velvet. (photo by: Lamy Cosmetics LAFINE VEGETABLE, SK-II, ORIGINS, la prairie, bntnews DB)

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