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How to Make Best Use of Moisturizing Cream with KICHO

[by Song Eunji] ‘Moisturizing cream’ is an essential item in your basic skincare. Therefore, using moisture cream is always included in the answers of entertainers for questions about skin care in interviews.

Moisture cream can be used in more various ways than we are aware of. Here’s diverse ways to make best use of a moisture cream for those who dream of clean and clear skin like that of stars on TV this fall.

How to Use Moisturizing Cream 1
Use Moisturizing Cream in Classical Way


The most classical way to use a moisturizing cream is to apply it thinly at the last step of your skincare. In fall, your skin easily becomes dry, so you had better pick a moisture cream that is rapidly absorbed into your skin to feel fresh and provides nutrition deep into your skin.

‘Lanolin’, which is animal oil and fat substance extracted from wool, is very similar to the sebum substances secreted from your skin, being picked as the most proper substance for taking care of your skin in fall. Select a moisture cream that you can use freely by considering the balance between oil and moisture in your skin for your daily use.

How to Use Moisturizing Cream 2
Moisture Pack for Dry Skin


In fall, your skin easily gets dry because of dry air and a huge daily temperature range. If you worry over your dark, dry skin, use a moisture cream as a moisture pack.

First, take a greater quantity of moisture cream than you normally use, and evenly apply it all over your face. Attach a mask pack sheet over it, and then apply the moisture cream on the sheet. The mask pack’s essence and the rich nutrition in the moisture cream will be rapidly absorbed deep into your skin, immediately moisturizing your dry skin.

How to Use Moisturizing Cream 3
Scrubs Made from
Moisturizing Cream

In order to keep your skin smooth in fall, you need to remove dead skin cells on a regular basis. If you hesitate to use scrubs because of irritation to your skin, mix a proper quantity of moisture cream, walnut shells, unrefined sugar, and grain powder to use the mixture as scrubs.

Thanks to the excellent moisturizing effects of moisture cream, you can remove dead skin cells with less irritation than that of general scrubs. Apply the mixture on your face, massage your face by softly rolling, and gently wipe off with tissues. Next, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, and apply moisture cream.

How to Use Moisturizing Cream 4
Natural-Looking Glossy Base Makeup


Mix a proper quantity of moisture cream and foundation, and you can do naturally-shining glossy skin makeup without artificial feelings. Take a light basic skin care, and mix a proper quantity of moisture cream and foundation at a desired ration. Then, thinly and evenly apply the mixture all over your face by using a sponge or a foundation brush.

If your skin is severely dry, it is also good to add a small quantity of oil to the mixture. Mix moisture cream, facial oil, and foundation, and use the mixture. Or, after using a mixture of moisture cream and foundation, take a small quantity of oil on your palms, and gently press your face with your palms to form an oil moisturizing film on your face.

Moisturizing Cream Recommended by Beauty Editor for Fall
KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM Lanolin & 8 berry


The moisture cream recommended by beauty editor for this fall is ‘KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM Lanolin& 8 berry’, which is a bestseller moisture cream by KICHO, a global low-irritation naturalist skin care brand.

The KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM’s major substance is lanolin, which is made by purifying wool of lamb grown in New Zealand, a clean region, by strict technologies from Germany. Its form is rich, but it feels fresh thanks to lanolin is rapidly absorbed into your skin. As well, eight berry substances with rich vitamin are added for simple finish of complex skin care for firm moisturizing film on your face, anti-oxidation, and wrinkle relief.

Meanwhile, KICHO has its stores also in seven stores of The Whole Foods Market, which is a large organic foods supermarket chain and famous as a hot place that Hollywood stars often visit, and Macy’s. KICHO has opened its store in Macy’s located in Santa Anita, Arcadia on the east of Los Angeles in the U.S., and plans to open its store also at Macy’s in Flushing, New York City. The brand has been introduced by T Magazine published by The New York Times, and even Aimee Song, a fashion blogger famous in the world, has said she frequently uses KICHO products, making a topic. (photo by: KICHO, bntnews DB)

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