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Beauty Editors’ Secrets to Complete Cleansing

[by Lee Hyejung] You can’t emphasize the importance of cleansing in skin care too much. Everyone must be aware of the fact that it is as important to remove makeup as to put on makeup.

What cleansing methods would beauty editors recommend? We have asked three beauty editors with a lot of experiences about their own secrets to complete cleansing. Let’s be a master in cleansing by learning their secrets.

Tips for Proper Cleansing

There are a few precautions for proper cleansing. First, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the water you use for cleansing. Avoid washing your face with too hot or too cold water. You can cleanse your face without excessive irritation when you cleanse your face with lukewarm water.

In addition, avoid cleanse your face for too long a time. You had better rapidly cleanse your face within three to five minutes and rinse thoroughly with clean water. If you cleanse your face for too long a time, the wastes melted by cleansing may go into your pores again and your skin may lose moisture.

Don’t forget wash your face doubly if you are wearing a heavy makeup. First, remove your eye makeup and lip makeup with a point makeup remover, and then doubly wash your face to leave no makeup residue on your face.

Beauty Editor Song Eun Ji “I Softly Remove Makeup With Cleansing Cream”

Lamy Cosmetics LAFINE Vegetable Deep Cleansing Cream A cleansing cream containing five vegetable substances including cucumbers, carrots, water parsley, tomatoes, and parsley. You can use it without irritating your skin.

Beauty editor Song Eun Ji says she worries over her dry skin. She lays stress on keeping her skin moist in any step of skin care.

Editor Song Eun Ji says she always avoid making her skin dry even while she is washing her face. She chose to use ‘cleansing cream’ to completely remove her makeup and keep her skin moist. In particular, she says she uses a cleansing cream containing vegetable substances as a daily cosmetic item since it does not irritate her skin and provides fresh and moist feeling of vegetables.

Beauty Editor Yoon Ji Hye “I Melt Even Sebum With Cleansing Oil”

EDITOR’S PICK Shu uemura Ultimate Cleansing Oil A cleansing oil made by selecting eight sorts of purified vegetable oil with excellent skin care effects.

Beauty editor Yoon Ji Hye worries over blackheads on her nose and cheeks. She washes her face with a cleansing oil among many cleansing products.

A cleansing oil has excellent effects for removing blackheads and wastes as well as heavy makeup. Take a small quantity of a cleansing oil on your dry hands and face, and remove makeup by massaging the cleansing oil into your skin. After that, take an emulsification process with water, and completely remove the oil from your face.

Beauty Editor Oh Eun Sun “I First Lightly Remove Makeup With Cleansing Water”

EDITOR’S PICK Primera Chamomile Cleansing Water Its chamomile substances with great effects for moisturizing and soothing your skin help cleanse your face.

Beauty editor Oh Eun Sun with normal skin prefers convenient, light cleansing products. She chose cleansing water for cleansing. She first washes her face with cleansing water since she enjoys light makeup usually.

Soak a cotton ball in a cleansing water, and wipe your face out with it along your skin texture. Thereby you can remove makeup residue and organize your skin texture. It has light form, and is able to remove makeup with a fresh feeling. It is proper for those who wear light makeup usually and who want to avoid cleansers with heavy form. (photo by: Lamy Cosmetics, LAFINE Vegetable, Shu uemura, HERA, Primera, bntnews DB)

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