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How to Start Autumn Skincare

[by Kim Hee Eun] Autumn, a season that makes your skin dry, has come. It is not welcomed by those who have dry skin which is tight because of insufficient moisture even in other seasons. If your skin has become sensitive with dryness and a variety of troubles, it is time for you to take good care of your skin for the autumn season.

What are the ways to keep your skin smooth and bright all year around? Here introduced is the skin care knowhow to keep your skin moist and glossy in autumn.

# Remove Wastes And Dead Skin Cells From Your Skin

As autumn has come, there are news on fine dust already. You must stabilize your skin, which is exposed to a variety of fine dust and hazardous external environment. In order to do that, first clean your skin completely for a basic skin care.  

First, wash your face by using cleansing oil, tissues, gel, or the like for deep cleansing. After that, take a little amount of foam cleansing on your palm, and rub your face with it sufficiently as if you are massaging your face. Lastly, rinse your face several times with a proper temperature of lukewarm water.  

# Supply Moisture And Nutrition

If you have prepared clean skin through cleansing, now is time to supply moisture and nutrition. Try using an oriental medicinal cosmetics item made from natural oriental medicinal materials. Danhwayeon, which is mainly used as oriental medicinal substances for cosmetics, makes your rough skin texture smooth and moisturizes your skin to a great extent. In addition, other various oriental medicinal substances give elasticity your skin, being effective to make your complexion good.  

Likewise, take care of your skin in autumn with oriental medicinal essence and cream products containing substances with sufficient moisturizing and skin-brightening effects. Take a proper quantity of those cosmetics, apply them on your palm, and then gently press your face with your palms. The oriental medicinal complex substances provide great moisture and rich nutrition to your skin.  

# Vitamin-Intensive Ampoule

Vitamin C is known to have superior effects in making your complexion good as well as relieving your fatigue. You can recover lively skin by intensively supplying vitamin C to your dark or rough skin. It is able to improve your complexion and supply nutrition to your skin.

A vitamin C ampoule is also easy to use. After applying a skin toner or an emulsion on your skin, take a proper quantity of a vitamin C ampoule, and gently apply it from the center of your face toward the outer edges.  



01. SK-II FACIAL TREATMENT GENTLE CLEANSER It is a pitera cleanser which improves your skin texture and completely removes make-up remainders at the same time. In addition, it provides moisture even after cleansing, and is good for all types of skin.

02. HANSAENG COSMETICS, RIN BI-GYEOL SOO ESSENCE&CREAM An essence with skin-brightening and wrinkle-relieving functions, which contains niacinamide and adenosine for improving your skin tone. The Rin Bi-Gyeol Yun Cream is an oriental medicinal cosmetics cream whose substances such as Sanghwang mushroom, morus bark, and gold extracts help strengthen your skin barrier and make your skin texture smooth.

03. LUSH HERBALISM FRESH CLEANSER An herbal fresh cleanser which makes your skin comfortable and gently removes dead skin cells. It contains rose, chamomile, marigold, and nettle, which wipes out your skin, and rosemary and kaolin, which removes wastes on your skin.

04. IOPE MULTI VITAMIN AMPOULE It protects and moisturizes your skin at the same time. It contains highly enriched vitamin, and makes your skin clear, lively, and shining. In particular, it contains 10% or more of vitamin derivatives, being effective for brightening your skin. (photo by: HANSAENG COSMETICS RIN, SK-II, LUSH, IOPE, bntnews DB)

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