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Brighten Your Skin for This Autumn

[by Yoon Jihye] The hot summer has gone, and autumn with beautiful autumn leaves is approaching.

Now is time to give vitality to your skin tired of hot weather. In addition, you also need to brighten your skin, which has been darker due to strong ultraviolet rays in summer. Let’s try a brighter make0up for the beautiful autumn with various colors of leaves.

Here introduced are the methods of skin care and base make-up for brightening your skin for the autumn season.

01 Skin-Brightening Essence

What you must first try to brighten your skin is skin care. Let’s brighten your skin by using skin care products with skin-brightening functions. 

After wash your face, organize your skin texture by suing a skin toner. A skin toner removes remainders left on your skin after cleansing. After that, evenly apply a skin-brightening essence all over your face, and let it be absorbed into your skin by using the heat on your palms. Remember a skin-brightening essence is better absorbed into your skin when you pat it on your face than when you rub it. 

02 Sun Protection

You must not neglect sun protection even in autumn. Though the ultraviolet rays are not as strong as those in summer, autumn sunlight is also great. Therefore, thoroughly apply a sunblock before make-up or going out every day.

It is more effective to apply a sunblock with a lower SPF several times than to apply one with a higher SPF just once. Thoroughly apply a sunblock on your face and neck before makeup.

03 Base Makeup

For your base makeup, if you want to brighten your skin, try using a makeup base. In particular, if you use a makeup base of a color that can effectively cover the flaws on your skin, you can brighten your skin. 

After organizing your skin texture with skin care, if your face is too reddish, use a green-colored makeup base, and if you are worried over freckles or dark skin, use a blue-colored one. next, use a foundation, making a smooth skin tone.

01 SK-II New Genoptics Aura Essence This item helps reduce visible blemishes and flaws on your skin, presenting glossy skin that shines from deep inside. In addition, it is essence with light, soft texture, which is easily and rapidly absorbed into your skin, increasing the transparency of your skin.

02 HERA Sun Mate Daily - SPF35/PA+++ A daily sunblock cream which can be also used as a make-up base with a strengthened UVA-blocking function. Its capsules containing beta-carotene, tocopherol, and sunflower oil, which has excellent anti-aging effects, burst when they are exposed to ultraviolet rays, forming a skin-protecting film and suppressing photo-aging.

03 CATALINA GEO COLOR CAPSULE MAKEUP BASE This item is a base make-up item made of five sorts of color capsules that improves your skin tone. In addition, its essence substances are mixed and taken out when you pump the product, keeping moist, fresh skin expression for a long time.

04 CHANEL Le Blanc Revealing Whitening Fluid Foundation A product born by impression from pearls, which are a model of perfect, flawless skin. It presents moisturizing effects that last all day long. In addition, it completes shining skin. (photo by: CATALINA GEO, SK-II, HERA, CHANEL, bntnews DB)

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