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[bnt interview] Meeting Jeong So Yool again through Han Hyo Joo from the movie ‘Love, Lies’

[by Jo Hye Jin, translated by Bae Jung Yun] We met a character that makes an actor to desire. And through the story of Han Hyo Joo, who drew the character without regret, we met Jeong So Yool in the place other than the screen and it gave us the different feeling.

Han Hyo Joo is not a candy like or innocent woman, who always smiles brightly. Her gradually changing face before a tragic fate was fresh and her acting was new. She used to decide whether she will appear in the movie by looking at the entire scenario, but for this time, she decided to appear in ‘Love, Lies’ because of her desire of acting a dramatic character.

Two extremes, the bare face of So Yool

Han Hyo Joo, who drew seamless changes of So Yool in the movie such as a bright girl dreams about becoming an artist and a provocative lady, who had love and hatred toward her lover and companion, had an interview with bntnews. After the picture shooting for an interview has completed, she exposed her appearance in front of the press. Her image was more like a bright character that we have seen from her previous movies and dramas other than a cold So Yool. Wouldn’t she also feel unfamiliar with So Yool’s changed bare face.

“It was kind of hard and painful, but I think the emotion stacked up well. It helped me because there was a lot of a scene that I could build my emotion during preparing and filming the movie. However, since it is a very tragic story, there are two extreme faces of So Yool such as pure and young look from the first half of the movie and the other look from the latter half of the movie. Therefore, the first half of So Yool was more like a little child, so I tried to express it more purely. I thought only that would carry conviction on her changing process and look for the latter half of the movie. I wanted to make a delicate character that remains somewhere before it to become a woman from an immature girl.”

We could see the different face of So Yool from the first half and the latter half of the movie just like she said. When we asked does she have anything that she wants to highlight from the point of two extreme, she began to talk by saying, “I never thought about the exact part that I want to highlight.”

“I just wanted it to be two extremes. The only part that I felt hard during acting was the pure face of So Yool from the first half of the movie. Maybe because I already had too much thought about this, it was really hard to empty my thoughts and just have a mind like children (laughed).”

So Yool’s self-confidence and song

While she cries by singing the heart of Joseon in front of Yoon Woo from the rainy street and shed tears by singing along with Yeon Hee’s song by herself in the room, the song was next to So Yool. Han Hyo Joo made a great effort to think about So Yool’s desire over the song.

“I thought So Yool have a great passion to the song. She sang since she was very young and I thought that she has a big desire over the song since I read the scenario. I could say she has self-confidence. She would not let go of the song.”

“So Yool really wanted to learn more about singing. She might want to possess it, because that is her self-confidence. Now, it didn’t really take a big part of the movie, but the song was big for her even we couldn’t see it. I also made my best effort to practice the song in order to not let it go.”

The last of elaborated So Yool

For the question ‘Do you have any scene that you are attached to’, she chose the last scene of an old woman right away. She also selected it as the most difficult scene in the latter half of the movie.

“’Why didn’t I know that it was so good’, I had a pressure to read this line. I couldn’t go to sleep and felt like having an upset stomach until right before reading the line. I had a pressure of performing well because it was the last scene filmed on the last day of shooting. Before the shooting, I prayed by myself, ‘Please let me become So Yool just for couple hours’. It was not easy, but I felt relieved after done filming the scene”

A very meaningful line delivers the deep remorse of So Yool, who threw her value away might come to Han Hyo Joo as a pressure. She engaged in acting by bodily bringing So Yool’s emotion for the last scene. What kind of emotion would she have while facing the character.

“It felt like Jeong So Yool is an alive character. That feeling was creepy and amazing at the same time. At that time, I had a hard time controlling my emotion because I was too much into the character. It was a feeling that I’ve never experienced as an actress.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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