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[bnt interview] JeA, “The 10th anniversary of debut. There are a long drive ahead of me”

[by Jo Hye Jin, translated by Bae Jung Yun] Her solo album, an activity as Brown Eyed Girls and the word ‘Forward’, which a singer JeA dreams about, made people to keep listening to her music even in the future.

Recently, a girl group Brown Eyed Girls JeA had a round interview to celebrate her new single ‘Bad Girl’ release. Other than a strong sister or a trainer from the variety program, she came back with a depth and matured singer. She intensified feminine music and introduced her album that includes emotion of a woman.

◆ Solo JeA’s ‘Feminine Sensibility’

She, who released her solo album after three years, showed a ballad song ‘Bad Girl’ that has stood out refined acoustic sound. Just like her words, she selected that song as a title in order to capture the mass public, a captivating and light vocal was enough to capture the listener’s ears. Particularly, she revealed her satisfaction by saying, “I never done a song that intensifies the feminine image other than OST. I think that I presented very attractive female vocal.”

She is the leader in the group that has a strong image like a strong sister. She wanted to separate her recently released solo album and previously released one. Also, separate it from Brown Eyed Girl. She confessed something that is not like confession by saying, “I am in charge of the powerful vocal in the group. Actually, I have a feminine woman in my mind.”

“I never thought it would take that long until my solo album to come out again. When I was preparing my album, I didn’t have perfect timing like ‘This is it’, so came back now. There was a stereotype about ‘Why Brown Eyed Girls tries only the difficult things?’ I think I can form sympathy through ‘Bad Girls’.”

Other than ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Island of Tears’ is also included in her single album. It is a ballad song only made with piano and her voice with outstanding moist sensitivity. This is the one that she cherish the most among her other songs that she composed.

“’Island of Tears’ is a song that only sings with one keyboard. Nevertheless, the melody of the song makes people feel lonely. Even though I wrote the song, I have no idea how did it came out like this (laughed). Honestly, I thought women might like the melody of the song, so I hope those friends who sing do a cover and let the song to be re-evaluated.”

In the pages of ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Island of Tears’, which she published, are full of mature female emotion that she emphasized. Moreover, people can check out her new voice that never heard by anyone before.

“I included many voices that I like in the album. There must be many people don’t know my falsetto and feminine sensibility of vocal. I certainly want to plant this kind of image to the mass public.”

◆ Brown Eyed Girls and 10 Years

It has been already 10th anniversary of the group’s debut. Actually, she can’t really feel that it is already 10th anniversary of its debut because there are still a long way to go. She revealed her wish of continuing the presence of the group for a long time and stay like a friend with the group’s members. She looked back herself as a singer and as a Brown Eyed Girls for a 10 long years.

“We were very changeable for 10 years. We started out as a vocal group, so I also made my debut as a vocal. I thought it would continue like that, but I suddenly started dancing (laughed). I think I have done so many concepts such as cute, sexy and girl crush during performing as a group. Also, I felt it was a very fun job because of that.”

“Actually, the song that helped me to get recognition as a singer is OST of the movie ‘Harmony’. I think I got re-evaluated as a vocal because of that song. Before that, because there were many people didn’t know how much I do and how do I sing, so people didn’t really know the group’s first and second album. After that song, I showed many images by singing OST and Solo song. However, I want to do a lot more.”

When we asked her last goal as a singer, she replied with no hesitation, “Just do my music friendly for a long time.” Continuously, she said, “I wish I could have one song that pierce people’s heart and sang by many people.” We are giving an applause beforehand for her ‘Forward’, which made her to come a step closer to her wish with the album full of the scent of a woman. (photo by Mystic Entertainment)

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