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Hot Styling TIPS For This Summer’s Hot Styling item, Rashguard

[by Shin Hyun Jung] As summer season water leisure sports have become popular, there have been changes in fashion as well. Although bikinis were popular in the past for pool and beach outings for their visual appeal, now rashguards, which allow for more active movements, have become more preferred over uncomfortable bikinis.

Rashguards are water sportswear made from spandex and nylon or polyester and help maintain body temperature as well as protect the body from UV rays. This leisure sportswear has become casual daily attire.

Although rashguards allow for active movement, the stylish essence of the item is not lost. The item allows for subtle sexiness. A wave of rashguards is predicted to be seen in pools and on beaches this summer. Let’s examine the various types and styles of rashguards.

Rashguard Design TIP

The most basic type of rashguard is one with a combination of a single color and lettering. This is the type of rashguard that can suit anybody. Although it is not elaborate, it may be the type that needs the most confidence to wear because uniqueness can only be shown through one’s silhouette.

If you are one who wishes to hide your flaws through the design of your clothing, it is good to use patterns. Raglan type rashguards have the arm area in a dark shade attached to the shoulders and are designed with a bright and elaborate color on the body. This design is appropriate for those who are concerned about their wide shoulders.

Elaborate patterns other than the raglan type, which has contrasting color blocks on the shoulders and arms, such as the striped, gingham plaid, or flower patterns can be seen on rashguards as well. The vivid colors can grab the attention of many instantly.

Rashguard Styling TIP

It is practical to see bikinis worn inside rashguards. However, if a zip-up styled rashguard is worn and opened just enough to slightly show the bikini underneath, a sexy look can be created. The look is also comfortable because the rashguard can easily be taken off and put on.

If you wish to expose your waistline while wearing a rashguard, choose a cropped style. An item that stops just above the waistline can protect the shoulders, arms, and chest area while also revealing your beautiful waist.

It is also important not to forget detailed items that can allow the rashguard to stand out more as well. Nails are especially helpful in rashguard styling.

A modern and chic look can be created by adding a cross or star shaped stamp on top of a clear or white base nail when wearing a simple basic rashguard.

Elaborate patterned rashguards, such as striped rashguards, go well with primary colored nail polish to grab people’s attention.(photo by: KONAD, Gahee’s Instagram, Jessie’s Instagram, Yoo Seung Ok’s Instagram, bntNews DB)

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Write: 2015-07-02 13:48:43 / Update: 2015-08-05 18:44:32

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