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[Interview] JK Plastic Surgery Clinic Director Bae Joon Sung "The Solution For Deepening Forehead Wrinkles?"

[by Song Eun Ji] Regardless of nationality, one concern that becomes more apparent as one ages is forehead wrinkles.

How can we resolve the deepening of forehead wrinkles and eyebrow sagging that follow it? For middle aged persons desiring a more youthful face, the Endoscopic Forehead Lift has become popular.

Pay attention to this if you wish to appear younger through the Endoscopic Forehead Lift. We asked Director Bae Joon Sung of Korea's famous plastic surgery clinics, JK Plastic Surgery, questions regarding the Endoscopic Forehead Lift that middle aged persons are curious about.

Q. Anti-aging, Why Is There A Greater Desire To Look Youthful?
I believe the cause of this anti-aging trend is that it has become more virtuous or beautiful in this society to appear younger than your actual age in comparison to naturally aging. Also, there has recently been an increase in middle-aged persons going under cosmetic surgery to maintain a youthful face because there has been a greater number of people who continue to work even at a certain age. In order for these people to be socially adjusted, looking younger has positive benefits.

Q. What Is The Reason Why Forehead Wrinkles Deepen With Age?
The main cause of forehead wrinkles is the 'eye'. The muscles that create forehead wrinkles are the same muscles used to move the eyebrow. As a person ages, the eyes tend to sag and people tend to raise their eyebrows in order to open their eyes wider to see, causing deep wrinkles to form on the forehead.

Q. Is There A Way For Middle-Aged People To Resolve Their Deep Forehead Wrinkles?
For those who have sagging eyes or move their eyebrows often because of the muscles that help open their eyes are too weak, the Endoscopic Forehead Lift can help resolve the problem. If you are uncomfortable with going under surgery or your symptoms are minor, it is also possible to relieve the wrinkles through a Botox injection that can temporarily weaken the forehead muscles or filler, which can be inserted on the wrinkles.

Q. Why Do We Need The Endoscopic Forehead Lift?
Eyebrows that sag as one ages can create an overall serious or angry look. In this case, going through surgery to raise eyebrows can not only help make one's daily life more comfortable but can also help change one's image.

Also, using muscles to raise the eyebrows too frequently can create migraines and other uncomfortable circumstances. Through the Endoscopic Forehead Lift, one can be helped functionally and externally as well.

Q. Can The Endoscopic Forehead Lift Cause Any Problems?

In the case of the original Endoscopic Forehead Lift, problems such as long recovery time, loss of sensation, and hair loss were seen due to the large scale operation. However, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic proceeds as an 'Endotine Forehead Lift' by using a thin camera to create a small hole on the scalp in order to avoid these side effects.

Because the surgery is done using an endoscope, the incision area is small and there is minor bleeding. The recovery time is also shorter and has the pro of appearing nicely done as well.

Q. What Is The 'Endotine' That Is Used In The Endoscopic Forehead Lift?
Endotine is a triangular prosthesis that is an absorbent device. Fixing the 5 corners that stick out into the scalp lower the risk of hair loss and can be fixed in tightly because the area is wide. Normally it dissolves into the body after a year so it does not permanently remain.

Q. What Are The Effects Of Using Endotine?
The Endoscopic Forehead Lift by JK Plastic Surgery does not only focus on lifting the forehead but also on various other aspects as well. First is the restraining of muscles that create wrinkles between the eyes. When this muscle is restrained, the power to pull down the eyebrows becomes weaker and decreases the risk of recurrence, making it unnecessary to get Botox shots on that area.
Secondly, the area between the skin and eyebrow is totally separated. After fixing the eyebrow in place, tissues of the forehead are flattened to raise the eyebrows and also flatten out the wrinkles on the outer area of the eye and forehead. In this way, the Endotine Forehead Lift can help one to experience multiple benefits through one surgery.

Q. How Long Does The Endoscopic Forehead Lift Last?
There is no need to go under a reoperation every few months like Botox or filler. When observed medically, if there are no problems, for example if the eyebrow was raised 8mm then it will normally go down around 1mm every year. According to past cases, there were almost no situation in which a person had to re-operate 7 to 8 years after their first surgery.

Q. Does The Forehead Widen or Hair Loss Occur After The Endoscopic Forehead Lift Surgery?
Those who had severe hair loss or wide foreheads before the surgery do not feel any difference. However, those who had small foreheads show high rates of satisfaction after the surgery.

Many people worry about their foreheads becoming wider after the Endoscopic Forehead Lift but because the surgery does not greatly widen the forehead, there is no need to worry. Hair loss can occur temporarily due to the lack of blood circulation in the scalp after the surgery but does recover in time.

Q. How Long Is The Recovery Time After The Endoscopic Forehead Lift?
Everyday activities are possible starting two days after the surgery. Washing the hair is possible starting 3 days after the surgery and the devices used to stitch the scalp are removed within a week. Therefore, generally it can be said that one can go back to working around a week after the surgery.

Q. What Are Some Things To Consider For A Satisfying Endoscopic Forehead Lift?

The patient has to design overall aspects such as how much of the forehead needs to be lifted, whether the inner portion of the eyebrows should be lifted or the outer portion, or whether just the forehead should be lifted according to their image and circumstance. The key point of the Endoscopic Forehead Lift is to control the surgery so that it may suit the desires and image of the patient.

Using the endoscope well takes more experience than ordinary surgeries. Many choose to do surgery using other methods due to the struggle of using an endoscope but with a skilled and experienced professional designing and performing the surgery, the Endoscopic Forehead Lift can be said to be a very good surgery.

On the other hand, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic has a customer-centered system in which 9 experienced medical professionals visit patients and consult with them.

The advanced and high-tech medical projection tools and surgical equipment allow for a ‘One Stop Exam Before Surgery’ system in which precise analyses of the results can be given. Additionally, a professional in anesthesiology is always stationed for the patient’s safety. In order to prepare for unavoidable emergencies, the clinic has a professional CPR team, possesses an emergency kit, a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply, patient-controlled analgesia, and CRM monitoring system.
(photo by: JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntNews DB)

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