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What Are The Latest Style Trends?

[by Goo Hye Jin] South Korea’s trend cycles tend to change rapidly. This season was not an exception as various fashion items caught our attention.
What are some fashion items that are receiving attention this season? If you wish to find out the latest trends, examine celebrities’ styles captured on camera.

Let’s find out about the latest trends through the ‘it’ items of celebrities who are known for their sense of style.

No More Skinny Jeans!

Just until a couple of months ago skinny jeans that fit tightly on the legs were in trend. Recently, it has become more common to see wide pants, which fall longer and wider than skinny jeans, in the streets.

Wide pants are useful in covering thick thighs or muscular calves and are usually coordinated with a simple shirt or t-shirt. :Model Song Hae Na portrayed an all-black style that was able to portray both a chic and fashionable look.

Jin Jae Young’s striped navy wide overalls portrayed a cute image. A marine look fit for the hot summer season was created by matching the pants with a white shirt and white sandals.

Editor’s Pick Center Shirring WIDE_BK Wide pants that are easy and comfortable to wear. This unique item gives you the feeling of wearing a long skirt.

Unique Point Details

Model Lee Hae Jeong portrayed a simple yet unique detailed long dress. The colors on the neckline of the dress add to the feminine girl-like look. The green sneaker style added to the stylish choice, fit for a fashion model.

Trending model Irene chose to wear a blue mini dress with a refreshing cool color. The overall white color point reminds us of cool waves. The blue and white color details create a unique and clean look on what could have been a dull dress.

Editor’s Pick Trench Marine_KH  A mini dress with a feminine touch. The uncommon khaki color along with the white neckline detail portrays a young and cute look.

Unbalanced Dress

Dresses are not all the same. Dresses that have different front and back lengths are items that can create a sexy image.

Tiffany and Yuri wore unbalanced dresses that portrayed different looks. Tiffany wore a red sleeveless dress with an added black belt. On the other hand, Yuri wore a black frilled unbalanced dress to accentuate her sexy charms. The frill detail added at the bottom of her dress minimized the heavy image that black can create.

Editor’s Pick RELAX RIBBON_IV  This dressy-styled unbalanced dress is made of 100% cotton. The ribbon that is added on the waistline and can be used as a belt accentuates femininity.(photo by: STYLENANDA, bntNews DB)

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Write: 2015-06-12 10:25:33 / Update: 2015-08-25 17:34:01

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